GasFinder2-MC: Multi-Channel TDL Analyzer


  • 4-20mA Loop Current Communication Module

    The 4–20mA module is a 19-inch rack mount unit (2U – 4” high) that reads the serial data output from the CCU. For each enabled CCU channel, the serial data string is converted to a 4-20mA signal. Providing gas concentration data and limited diagnostic data.


    Weight: 5.2 kg [11.4 lbs]

    Size (LxWxH): 375mm x 446mm x 88mm[14.7 x 17.6 x 3.5 inches].

    Power Supply: 12Vdc at 500mA. Loop Resistance: RL = 500 ohms.

    4-20mA Module

  • MODBUS & TCP/IP Communication Module

    When combined with a Multi-Channel analyzer the Modbus TCP/IP module converts all data into different registers. All the important data-values like the ppm, r², light value and other internal data can be accessed simultaneously with one network connection. The gathered data can be used to initiate maintenance and prevent down-time.

    The module can process the data of two analyzers simultaneously. This device can be combined with similar or different types of Analyzers. Once connected to a the Multi-Channel Analyzer it will automatically detect the type of data and store it in the correct registers. There is no additional programming needed. The use of the Modbus TCP/IP protocol assures that the data gathered by the module can be monitored by a large array of industrial SCADA or DCS systems. The processing of all the strings send by the GasFinder means that more data is available to the user, generating an elaborate data base (of the values such as the r², light and others) leading to a better/ accurate analysis.


    Power Requirement: 86-265 VAC, 10W

    Data Input: RS232, 9600 Baud

    Data Output: Modbus TCP/IP

    Weight: 2 kg [4.4 lbs]

    Size (LxWxH): 375mm x 446mm x 88mm [14.8 x 17.6 x 3.5 inches].


  • Dry-Contact Relay Communication Module

    The Dry-Contact Relay Module is a 19-inch rack mount unit (2U – 4” high) that uses the serial data output from a CCU to control alarm relays. For each enabled CCU channel, three alarm contacts are available: hi gas, hi-hi gas and beam block. There is also a system alarm for equipment malfunction. Depending on the channel alarm settings, the DCRM will energize the relays to give a NC or NO output. The module is configured using the CCU.


    Weight: 5.3 kg [11.7 lbs]

    Size (LxWxH): 375mm x 446mm x 88mm [14.8 x 17.6 x 3.5 inches].

    Power Supply: 12Vdc at 500mA.

    Relay Contacts: Single Contact SPDT, 8A at 250Vac or 5A at 30Vdc.

    Relay Module

  • RF Barrier Module

    The RF Barrier Module is a 19-inch rack mount unit (2U – 4” high) that blocks any electrical fault in the Multi-Channel Analyzer, from passing down the co-axial cable to the remote measurement heads. The electrical isolation provided by the RFB module enables measurement heads to be deployed in Class1, Division 1 or Atex Zone1 classified potentially explosive environments. The ISB module is completely passive and requires no power or programming.


    Weight: 7.2 kg [15.8 lbs]

    Size(LxWxH): 375mm x 446mm x 88mm [14.8 x 17.6 x 3.5 inches].

    Power Supply: none

    RF Barrier Module

  • OP3 Dust/Rain Enclosure

    For installations where the open path measurement heads may be exposed to rain, snow, or dust it is recommended that the enclosure is installed. This enclosure is proven to keep the measurement head clean and operational. Attached is tilt pan mount which allows for course adjustments for installation.


    Material: Stainless Steel

    Protection: IP66

    Weight: 15.4 kg [34 lbs] (w/o tilt pan 20lbs}

    Size (LxWxH): 761mm x 160mm x 373mm [29.9 x 6.29 x 14.7 inches].


  • “Bulls-eye” Flow-Through Cell

    This innovative tool can serve two different purposes:

    • Variable gas or concentration reference cell that can be utilized by the end user to bump their system
    • In-line measure tool that can be used with a number of our measurement heads to accurately quantify the gas concentration flowing through the “bulls-eye”

    A number of different options or configurations are available so please contact for more details


  • Red/White Tape Retro-Reflector

    The tape comes in 16m rolls x 50mm wide. The tape is divided into red and silver bands and each have different reflective properties. The tape is adhesive backed and can easily be attached to any smooth, dry surface. It is often stuck to the back or side of a retro enclosure.

  • Gray Tape Retro-Reflector

    Grey Tape comes in sheets 200 x 300mm. It is adhesive backed and can easily be attached to any smooth, dry surface. It is often stuck to the back of a retro enclosure.

  • IMOS Retro-Reflector

    These are multi-faceted IMOS 46mm hexagons. They can be fitted together to make up a large composite array.


  • Gold Corner Cube Retro-Reflector

    This is a gold plated hexagonal retro. It is normally housed in a plastic or steel box with a Lexan window. They can also be fitted together to make up a large composite array.


  • Wireless Communications Module

    In some circumstances it may be convenient to send the data output of the Multi-Channel System to a computer which is not connected directly to the analyzer. For this purpose Boreal has produced a combination power supply and radio modem kit called BL-PSM1.

    Wireless comm

  • Meteorological Station

    The standard sensor package includes 6 weather parameters:

    • Wind speed and direction,
    • Temperature and relative humidity,
    • Barometric pressure, and
    • Precipitation
    • More optional sensor can be added

    Novalynx Weather Station

  • 3D Ultrasonic Anemometer

    This measures three dimensional wind velocity and speed of sound based on the transit time of ultrasonic acoustic signals. Sonic temperature is derived from speed of sound which is corrected for crosswind effects.

    Measurement data are available as serial output using RS-232 or RS-485 connections. A variety of serial output formats are available including a custom format which is easily set by the user. Four voltage output channels representing sonic temperature and wind in either Cartesian or Polar coordinates are also provided.

    RM Young 3D Ultrasonic Anomometer

  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Kit

    This highly recommended kit includes the following items to enable a trained operator to carry out first level troubleshooting and maintenance:

    • Infrared card;
    • Optical fibre power meter;
    • Visible laser fault finder and
    • Remote light level meter.

    Primary uses of this kit are:

    • Aligning open path transceivers with reflectors over long paths;
    • Confirming integrity and troubleshooting faults in optical fibre cable installations.