GasFinder2-OP: Portable Open-Path TDL Analyzer

GasFinder2-OP: Quantify Emissions from an Open Area Source

Does your next measurement campaign require you to measure and quantify emissions from an open area source? Well look no further, Boreal Laser has an easy-to-use analyzer that can handle the rigours of the field.

The GasFinder2-OP can be set-up and collecting data in a manner of minutes. There is no complicated start-up procedure just plug it in and go. Data collection is simple and intuitive (no PhD needed!).

What you need

The analyzer has the ability to paired with a tilt-pan programmable scanner, meteorological station, and a atmospheric dispersion model to accurately quantify concentrations over a open area source.

Rent lease buyDo you have a measurement campaign that requires the use of the GasFinder2-OP but do not have the budget to purchase the analyzer? You’re not alone, many researchers, academics, and environmental consultants at some require the need to have an easy-to-use open-path TDL analyzer but due to the short duration of the campaign cannot justify the investment. We have found a way to close that gap and now offer a rental program to get the analyzers and accessories you need. Contact for more information.

  • What it does

    Provides continuous and instantaneous results.

    Used to either detect leaks or actively monitor gas concentrations over open area sources.

    Can be combined with weather data and an atmospheric dispersion model to give an measured emission rate.

  • How it works

    Our technology counts every target gas molecule in the measurement path to give a path integrated ppm-m concentration.

  • System Description

    Boreal Laser’s patented (US Patent 5,637,872) TDL (Tunable Diode Laser) used in the
    GasFinder2 measures gas concentration over an open path. The open path monitoring
    system consists of an integrated transmitter/receiver and a remote, passive retrorefl ector
    array. The remote retrorefl ector array is initially targeted by the operator using a two-axis
    instrument mount assisted by a telescopic sight and an on-board visible red aiming laser.
    The GasFinder2 houses the laser diode source, the transmitter and receiver electronics,
    the transmitter and microcomputer subsystems. The GasFinder2 is weather proof and
    has connectors for 12VDC power input, and data I/O. A schematic representation of the
    GasFinder2 system is shown below in figure 1.

    The laser light emitted from the transceiver unit propagates through the atmosphere to the
    retroreflector and returns to the GasFinder2, where it is focused onto a photodiode detector. A
    portion of the laser beam is passed through an onboard reference cell to provide line centering.
    The returning optical signals are converted into electrical waveforms, which the computer
    processes to determine the actual concentration of gas along the optical path. The computed
    gas concentration is then displayed on the rear panel of the instrument, and can be transmitted
    to a computer where the data can be collected, stored, and graphically displayed.
    It is possible to alter some of the parameters of the GasFinder2 remotely by using the GasViewOP
    software or another terminal program. These can be conected with the GasFinder2 using
    suitable cables or radio equipment supplied by Boreal Laser Inc.