GasFinder2-FC: Fibre Coupled TDL Analyzer


Oil and Gas

  • HF open path and point leak
  • detection in refinery HF Alkylation units
  • H2S open path safety monitoring in Sour Gas Operations
  • Fence line H 2S, CH4 and NH 3 monitoring in refineries, petrochemical plants, etc.

Primary Aluminium

  • Pot room HF monitoring
  • HF scrubber inlet and stack monitoring
  • Fence-line HF monitoring

Selected Others

  • HF leak detection and process monitoring in HF manufacturing and use
  • HF stack monitoring (bricks, ceramics, incinerators)
  • NH3 stack monitoring (de-NOx and others)
  • HCN stack monitoring in carbon fibre manufacture
  • Incinerator stack monitoring for HF. HCL, NH3, HCN
  • CO2 stack monitoring in coal fired power generation plants