GasFinder2-FC: Fibre Coupled TDL Analyzer


  • OP3 Dust/Rain Enclosure

    For installations where the open path measurement heads may be exposed to rain, snow, or dust it is recommended that the enclosure is installed. This enclosure is proven to keep the measurement head clean and operational. Attached is tilt pan mount which allows for course adjustments for installation.


    Material: Stainless Steel

    Protection: IP66

    Weight: 15.4 kg [34 lbs] (w/o tilt pan 20lbs}

    Size (LxWxH): 761mm x 160mm x 373mm [29.9 x 6.29 x 14.7 inches].


  • “Bulls-eye” Flow-Through Cell

    This innovative tool can serve two different purposes:

    • Variable gas or concentration reference cell that can be utilized by the end user to bump their system
    • In-line measure tool that can be used with a number of our measurement heads to accurately quantify the gas concentration flowing through the “bulls-eye”

    A number of different options or configurations are available so please contact for more details


  • Response Cell

    Boreal now supplies a range of Gas Response Cells to enable clients to confirm the response of open path systems to a nominal concentration of target gas introduced into the measurement path. This is especially useful for leak detection system installations where the concentration of target gas in the path is zero, and quality assurance procedures require periodic “bump” testing of safety critical instrumentation.

    The response cell is constructed from an passivated copper body and gas resistant windows and window seals. The response cell is filled to a nominal target concentration and then sealed. The response cell is available in both 1‐inch and 3‐inch aperture versions. The 1‐inch version is used for bump testing of the HF Point Detector. The 3‐inch version is used for bump testing of the Portable Open-Path TDL Analyzer and Multi-Channel installations. Both response cells are supplied in hard plastic cases with foam packing material for ease of storage and transportation. It is recommended that response cells be returned to Boreal for factory re-certification once every two years or with the frequency required by facility quality assurance and safety procedures.


  • Red/White Tape Retro-Reflector

    The tape comes in 16m rolls x 50mm wide. The tape is divided into red and silver bands and each have different reflective properties. The tape is adhesive backed and can easily be attached to any smooth, dry surface. It is often stuck to the back or side of a retro enclosure.

  • Gray Tape Retro-Reflector

    Grey Tape comes in sheets 200 x 300mm. It is adhesive backed and can easily be attached to any smooth, dry surface. It is often stu

  • IMOS Retro-Reflector

    These are multi-faceted IMOS 46mm hexagons. They can be fitted together to make up a large composite array.


  • Gold Corner Cube Retro-Reflector

    This is a gold plated hexagonal retro. It is normally housed in a plastic or steel box with a Lexan window. They can also be fitted together to make up a large composite array.


  • Power Supplies

    A number of different configuration options are possible for powering your Fibre-Coupled Analyzer:

    • 120/220 VAC Power Supply
    • 12 VDC Alligator Clips
    • Solar Power Supply Kit

    Single Channel Power Supply

  • Wireless Communications Module

    In some circumstances it may be convenient to send the data output of the Fibre-Couple Analyzer to a computer which is not connected directly to the Analyzer. For this purpose Boreal Laser Inc. has produced a combination power supply and radio modem kit called BL-PSM1.

    Wireless comm

  • Meteorological Station

    The standard sensor package includes 6 weather parameters:

    • Wind speed and direction,
    • Temperature and relative humidity,
    • Barometric pressure, and
    • Precipitation
    • More optional sensor can be added

    Novalynx Weather Station

  • Vortex Cooler Kit

    Boreal Laser recommends that if the GasFinder2 is going to be installed in ambient temperatures in excess of 40°C then a Vortex Cooler should be installed to keep the electronics from over heating. The analyzer could lose accuracy if the maximum operating temperature is exceeded.

    Compressed air driven cooler for GasFinder2 steel enclosure. An on-off unit including cooling unit, filter with auto drain, cold air distribution kit, solenoid valve and thermostat. Provides 322 Watts cooling with 100 psig compressor inlet pressure.

    Vortex Cooler

  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Kit

    This highly recommended kit includes the following items to enable a trained operator to carry out first level troubleshooting and maintenance:

    • Infrared card;
    • Optical fibre power meter;
    • Visible laser fault finder and
    • Remote light level meter.

    Primary uses of this kit are:

    • Aligning open path transceivers with reflectors over long paths;
    • Confirming integrity and troubleshooting faults in optical fibre cable installations.